Attention to detail on every stage of the project is the thing that sets Prestige Property Solutions apart from the competition.
Our reputation for high-quality plastering services is spreading and we’re known for making light of our client’s challenges. We approach our work with a can-do attitude, reassuring our clients and keeping them well informed along the way. Whether it's ceilings, walls or alcoves, be it repairs or fresh new plastering projects, we aim to always exceed the expectations of our clients.
Team members of Prestige Property Services have appeared on DIY SOS 3 times
Primarily of course, our focus is to give them the best possible finish on the projects we’re tasked to do - but secondly (and equally importantly), we carry these projects out with minimal fuss and maximum cleanliness.

We’ve spent many a year on-site with tradespeople of all kinds and there’s one universal truth for the majority of them - that they believe there’s a clean-up fairy who comes to tidy up after them!
We’re committed to reversing the stigma by demonstrating on hands and knees that we are house-trained and will leave your property in the same or better state than we found it in.

You can’t avoid it, plastering is messy, but we work hard to minimise the mess by covering up the surrounding areas and sealing off rooms to keep the debris to a minimum. Surfaces, furniture and flooring is covered to protect it as we work. We’re respectful of your space and belongings and don’t just assume you’re renovating the whole house because you’ve asked us to patch a hole in the wall!

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